Recently stumbled across this--totally forgot that I had gotten asked to write a blurb for a YA book. Kind of awesome. I felt so accomplished. lol. 

On being an author, working in Hollywood, having New York attitude in laid back Los Angeles, hiding a young adult mind in an adult body...and other things...

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​​​​​Hot finds: *Visiting NYC or need a stay-cation while living in NYC, check out the 4-star Cassa Hotel in Hell's Kitchen. It's not my favorite area of the city, but the hotel's amenities make up for that. NYC hotel rooms are notoriously tiny, but these rooms are super-spacious and loft-like with wood floors and a sleek finish. Loved! Also, two bars and a roof deck with panoramic views of the city. I was able to get a last minute deal for $150/night all in--taxes, fees, everything. $150 a night in NYC usually means you're breathing in Jet fumes from your Kennedy Airport adjacent hotel!