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5/14/18 - I used to journal a lot when I was twelve, thirteen. Back then it was, I saw Marlon sitting on his stoop today. He looked so good in his new Adidas. And then there was a period in my twenties: Life sucks! Work sucks! I hate everybody!! I've recently gotten back into journaling, with a nod to the book The Artist's Way. A group of friends and I had read it and done the exercises together maybe ten years ago to try and free our minds so we could tap into our creativity without any past obstacles holding us back. One of the exercises the book encourages is Morning Pages, where upon waking, you let whatever is in your head flow out. No censuring.  It's amazing how you'll think you have nothing to release, only to realize that an issue you thought you had dealt with lay festering in your subconscious ready to rob you of your focus. Sometimes my morning journaling is four sentences long, sometimes it's pages. What do you do to clear your mind and ensure that you're starting today off without yesterday's baggage?

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