So, I was thinking...

Eva & JL--2 of my fave people on the planet

...That night Leia & Frenchy unknowingly walked

Baby Daddy Cast - I can't get enough of these people!

11/15/17 - You know what, I think when you sign up for internet service, you should be given a "How-pissed-are-you-at-life-in-general?" test. And if you flunk--if there are any signs of extreme anger or lack of empathy, you shouldn't be allowed to access any of the Comments sections in any of the articles that pop up online, and you shouldn't be able to tweet (Oops, that just knocked out a certain someone in the White House), or use social media at all.  Or how about this. You're allowed to write rude comments, but your name and phone number are automatically made public and are posted in glowing red!  Seriously, how did people express their hatred before internet, or did they just hold it in, before one day popping a major blood vessel? It uses up so much less energy to focus on the beauty instead. As someone I used to work with tweeted: '"I love your polka dots!" - a 4 year old girl says while pointing at my acne. Celebrate your polka dots y'all. Perspective is everything." Let's celebrate everyone's polka dots!

into a costume contest & scored free drinks

The green chick really committed!