Honored to have met artist Joe Overstreet

8‚Äč/1/17 - "It's too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, there are way too many people, it smells like pee, is expensive as hell and you alway send up in that subway car that's not air conditioned. But I love this city like crazy." That's how someone once described NYC to me, and I completely agree. Every time I go there, in the words of Jay-Z, I come across one of the  "8 million stories out there in the naked..." This past trip, I stopped by an gallery in Alphabet City that was housing my friend's photo exhibition. The older gentleman who let me in starts talking about art and how the neighborhood has changed and poor artists can't afford it anymore. Come to find out, not only is this man a renowned painter, he owns the gallery, the gallery the building is in, the building across the street where he houses his own artwork as well as other works he's collected over forty years on the NY art scene. He gives me a private tour including the amazing studio from which he still paints. When he goes down a hall to turn off the lights and I see a very familiar print all olver the door. I say, "If I didn't know any better, I'd swear that was Keith Haring's work." He says all matter of fact, "Oh, yeah. It is. Used to come scribble all over my walls before he was famous."


Broadway debut, Cost of Living

Even the graffiti is artistic

Shot of Lady Liberty from Battery Park

Supporting Vic Williams in his

Some random Keith Haring doddles.

Exotic fruit in  Chinatown

So, I was thinking...