inconsequential, and that's actually a good 

So, I was thinking...

​​My first view of Quito from the plane.

Machu Picchu makes you feel small and

A common sight--Stray & non-stray dogs  

Iguana Park, Guayaquil, Ecuador

"What Magic Lies Between Clouds"

7/18/18 - Traveling lights a fire in my soul. Some trips are restful and relaxing, others adventurous, but there's always something new and unexpected involved. I recently went to Ecuador and Peru with  a few lifelong friends, and the cities of  Quito and Cuzco gave me another travel adjective... inspirational. They're both located at extremely high altitudes (I'm talking walk up two flights of stairs and you're hands-on-your-knees-bent-over-panting, high altitude) with Quito being over 11,000 feet high--more than twice Denver. They'e both cities built hundreds of years ago, so there was a constant snapshot of images that immediately put story ideas in my mind....

"A meeting With the Lizard Gods"

the story of her life?: "Lone Voyager"

being in  a crowd of people. What's

This woman looks so alone, despite 

roaming Cuzco streets: "The Incan Dog Patrol"

 thing: "The Great Leveler of Egos"