So, I was thinking...

Having a good laugh between takes

With prop person extraordinaire Renee (thanks for making my job easier, and amazing actor/comedian Melissa Peterman

​​​6/16/17 - They say all good things must come to an end. On the other hand, without change, there can be no growth. Okay, enough of the cliches. Baby Daddy, the show I'd been working on for the past four seasons, was officially cancelled. Never have I been around a group as loving, as caring or as nutty! And it was wonderful. Hollywood people--both cast and crew-- are like carny folk. We work on a project for a few  days, weeks, months--if really lucky, a few years, then we move on to something else, oftentimes never seeing those people who were such a major part of our lives again. But I know this won't happen with my Baby Daddy peeps because they've become family. The dinners together, the parties, the hospital visits, the love. This carnival might have left town, but I feel like we all have tickets to the next stop.   To quote the words of our lead actor Jean-Luc Bilodeau, "I must have saved a s*&t ton of puppies in my previous life to deserve a rewarding experience. Let's see what's next."

A quiet moment at my portable office