So, I was thinking...

9/7/17 - I feel like I'm living in one of those 1950's sci-fi movies where people look like themselves, sound like themselves, but have actually lost their complete minds. I keep getting involved in situations that make me go, "hmmm!" Allow me to vent...

- How do people get and then keep jobs they're really bad at? Why do people get jobs they know don't fit their personalities? ie, You work in customer service, but have anger management issues.  And from my own personal experience, you're an actor, but are allergic to reading your script,  are more interested in what's on your phone than on what the director trying to help your performance is saying, so you end up having to rely on others to show you where to go and how to be. ( Oy!!!) 

- If you have a face tattoo, do you really expect anyone to hear a word you're saying?  Only thing I'm hearing is my inside voice warning, "Don't stare at it--focus on the eyes."

-I respect my gender neutral peeps, but I will not refer to you as "it." "It" is how they refer to Pennywise the homicidal dancing clown in the Stephen King book they just turned into a movie! (Saw it by the way. Kid actors awesome, level of scariness--ehh, not so                    much. Pick another pronoun, people! 

Thought this was kinda cool. Recently went through some photos & realized I AM the wild animal whisperer--NOT!!:

Exotic fruit in  Chinatown