THE CRICKET'S SERENADE - Lewis Montrose is privileged, mixed-race and running for prime minister of Jamaica. Souci Alexander is a poor young woman from the simple countryside.  Politics, a marriage of convenience to secure votes,  violence, and secrets wrapped in the past.--two intersecting lives lead to one extraordinary story in The Cricket's Serenade.




It was my second day of a 5-week stay in Paris and I was standing in the dairy aisle of a supermarché, staring blankly at cartons of milk. The problem: I had no idea what the words on the cartons meant. I had long before decided that I wanted the complete Parisian experience, which meant living like a Parisian: no hotels, no speaking English, no eating at the Burger King on the Champs Elysées.

I was subletting an apartment in the seventh arrondissement from a friend of a friend, and my first order of business was food. But I was so self-conscious about my French, or lack thereof, that I refused to ask anyone for help. The six items in my little basket took 45 minutes to select. Maybe I've made a big mistake!Type your paragraph here.


THE CARIBBEAN WRITER  Psalms - Twenty-five years of marriage to the irascible  and philandering George Rodgers has got his wife Bertha thinking about a separation even more permanent than divorce!

SKYWRITINGS MAGAZINE "Las' Lick" - Small Town Joy- "We leave our hotel in Ocho Rios and start on the main road towards Runaway Bay.  My Uncle Striker’s directions call for a left after reaching the police station there – which will take us up to Brown’s Town.  This might seem simple enough, but consider this; there are many lefts to be made in Runaway Bay, and as far as we can see, no structure makes mention of being a police station.  Not one street name has been listed in the directions because said directions were given by a Jamaican.  Since most of the roads lack noticeable street signs anyway, using points of interest is probably more relevant.  For example, 'Take the main road to the bent coconut tree.  Make a left.  Go as far as Aunt Eulie’s Jerk Shack.  Make an other left.  When you get to the half-finished house on the hill, veer right, and there you are...'