"The knob wasn't supposed to turn. The door wasn't supposed to open. She's dead! She's dead! I know she is!" - Faye Andrews, Revenge Of A Not-So-Pretty Girl .  Click below to check out the trailer:   


Revenge Of A Not-So-Pretty Girl (A Junior Library Guild selection & American Library Association nominee for Best Young Adult Fiction 2013) is told through the witty, tormented voice of fourteen-year-old Faye, a young teen living in 1984 Brooklyn, New York, who copes with her mother's abuse by stealing with her friends.  But when robbing an elderly woman almost turns to murder, she gains an opportunity to learn new truths about life. To order your copy, click on one of the following:

A sample of reviews:

Kirkus Book Review Magazine - "This exhilarating, generous-hearted tale with a smart, funny, caustically observant protagonist is about so much more than revenge: distinguishing what matters from what doesn’t, taking risks, making mistakes and paying for them. Blythe explores issues of physical appearance in rare depth. Some mistakes aren’t fixable, Faye learns, but she’ll keep trying to fix them anyway.   Solidly grounded in the gritty realities of daily life, Faye's discoveries feel earned.  A compelling and believable journey."

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"The buzz: Revenge Of A Not-So Pretty Girl is about urban life and unlikely alliances—it's definitely a page turner!" 

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